Walking as Seniors’ Daily Physical Activity


Health professionals still recommend physical activity or exercise for seniors. Exercise has been shown to prevent disease and health complications, lower the risk of falls, improve mental health and overall wellbeing, improve cognitive function, and even strengthen social ties.

The most common age-related diseases suffered by seniors are either diabetes or heart disease. Luckily, exercise targets these problems fairly well. Doing enough physical activity lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels while improving heart function. So, it is about time to start exercising! But in doing so, be sure to have an assisting companion with you.

Walking can be your choice when it comes to starting a daily physical activity. It is the most popular exercise among older adults. It can even be enjoyed while being with loved ones, friends, and caregivers, such as our caregiver in Pennsylvania. Studies show that walking can:

  • Help prevent weight gain
  • Strengthen muscles and bones
  • Improve balance
  • Lower the likelihood of falls
  • Lower risks of stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease

If you are a senior who wants to start exercising, it is best to do it with a walking buddy. You can also join a walking program with professionals around you who can assist. It’s also recommended that you wear the right shoes and clothes to prevent strain and discomfort. Try to walk without a cane or walker, too! This will help you regain balance and coordination.

At Lehigh Valley Home Care, we believe that exercise must be done safely. Thus, you can avail of our companionship services to guarantee your safe walking experience.

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