Positive Effects of Reminiscing to an Elderly


The risk of aging adults suffering from both physical and mental medical conditions increases as they age. Encouraging them to participate in therapies and simple exercises can help slow down these conditions. This allows them to live a more comfortable and fuller life even when they’re receiving home care in Center Valley, Pennsylvania.

One of the simple exercises that a senior can do with their caregiver in Pennsylvania is reminiscing. This is where they remember their past experiences through sound, taste, sight, smell, or tough. They can talk about it, sing a song, or look at pictures to trigger memories.

Reminiscing has several positive effects on an older adult. Some of these benefits include:

  • Preservation of family history
    Encouraging a senior to share past experiences makes it possible to pass on valuable memories. These memories can even bring family members closer together.
  • Reduction of symptoms of depression
    Let a senior get busy sharing their memories and accomplishments. Being busy reflecting on their experiences with their companion can distract them from worrying about their age-related medical conditions.
  • Finding Closure
    Most seniors have unresolved closure. Through reminiscence, one can look back on old conflicts and find a way to work them through. Being able to find closure in these conflicts, especially if it’s with important loved ones, allows the senior to move forward and have a more positive vibe.

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