How to Keep Your Elderly Loved One’s Personal Hygiene?

 How to Keep Your Elderly Loved One's Personal Hygiene?

When we get older, our ability to do our daily chores will decrease. If you may notice your senior loved one failing to do the daily routines, such as personal hygiene, it is the time to ask for assistance. Lehigh Valley Home Care is a Home Care in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, which provides essential help to the seniors.

As a provider of Caregiver in Pennsylvania, we provide some tips to maintain the personal hygiene care of your elderly loved one:

  • Establish safety inside the bathroom.
    Slipping or falling is a common accident that happens in the bathroom, and this accident may prevent them from bathing or showering. And this is common for seniors, so they want assistance or a Companion for their daily routine. It is also good to install some handrails and raised toilet seats to make the bathroom more accessible and safer.
  • Begin a daily routine.
    Making a routine could help seniors get used to doing a particular activity, such as brushing their hair and showering. If you are taking care of a person lacking independence, you should start making a routine and explaining the activity to the person, so he or she will know what will happen next.
  • Respect the senior’s preference.
    In providing personal care to the elderly, it is essential to consider and respect their choices on what hairstyle and clothes they want to wear. Each person has his or her taste in terms of fashion, building self-esteem.

At Home Care in Allentown, Pennsylvania, there are plenty of services and benefits that can help your elderly loved one live a fulfilling life despite some limitations.

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