How Home Care Helps Seniors with High Blood Pressure


One of the biggest challenges in managing high blood pressure is sticking to your treatment plan. As you may know, high blood pressure seldom has any outward symptoms. So, some people stop taking their medications because they don’t feel any symptoms.

If you need help to stay on track with your treatment plan, you should hire a home care in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. A professional in-home caregiver can be an important part of your hypertension management team.

Here’s how a caregiver in Pennsylvania can help:

  • Remind you to check and record blood pressure using a home monitor.
  • Provide medication reminders so you can take your medications on time.
  • Go grocery shopping and prepare meals that comply with your specific diet.
  • Help keep track of doctor’s appointments, and provide transportation to these visits.
  • Serve as a companion to ward off loneliness, which may cause to raise your blood pressure.

At Lehigh Valley Home Care, a provider of quality home care in Allentown, Pennsylvania, caring for people is our primary focus. If you need help managing your high blood pressure, you can get in touch with us today so we can talk about your care needs.

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