Health Hazards at Home You Should Prevent


Hazards at home can cause injuries to the elderly. Lehigh Valley Home Care wants to spread awareness about these dangers at home to the elderly. And as a healthcare organization, we must remind seniors to be careful to avoid the following risks:

  • Falling

    Poorly lit staircases, hallways, and bathrooms are factors for fall incidents. Wet or polished floors are also dangerous, especially to people with mobility issues or weak balance. Hiring a home attendant can help keep your seniors safe.

  • Fire

    Flammable materials, candles, or electrical appliances can all be fire and burn hazards. A caregiver in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, must never leave them unattended and assist the elderly when using the items and turning them off.

  • Sharp and pointed objects

    Sharps are causes of cuts and wounds. These include needles, scissors, blades, metal wires, knives, pins, cutters, and any other objects that can cut through the skin. Safe handling of these objects during cooking, repairing, and others can prevent sharp injuries.

  • Electrical shocks

    Even small electric appliances and devices such as blowers and hair straighteners can cause hazards when left unattended. It is even dangerous when you leave them plugged inside the bathroom. Water splashes might cause electrocution.

The home must be a safe space for seniors. And we must ensure their safety by watchful assistance and companion services. It is important to have someone to attend to their needs, especially when the seniors are no longer capable of doing things for themselves.

Home care in Pennsylvania can be challenging due to these hazards. But it is not too late to keep your home hazard-free.

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