Adapting and Doing Activities In Spite of Alzheimer’s


A person with Alzheimer’s disease can find it hard to plan their day and do different tasks. It’s easy for them to have trouble deciding what to do and this can result in them being fearful and worried or quiet and withdrawn. This is why our caregiver in Pennsylvania can help people with Alzheimer’s thrive at home by guiding them in activity planning and doing.

A companion at home makes things easier for people who need assistance and guidance. Many seniors suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, so our mission is to help them regain their integrity and independence through quality home care. The first step to adapting and doing activities, such as normal routine tasks, for seniors with Alzheimer’s is to effectively plan everything:

  • Match the activity with what the senior can do.
  • Choose activities that are fun for everyone in the house.
  • Help the senior get started.
  • Observe the senior closely if he or she gets frustrated.
  • Make sure to converse with the senior while doing the activity and let him or her know that she’s successful in doing it.

With the help of a caregiver, they can start with simple, familiar, and day-to-day activities like doing household chores, cooking, exercising, playing music, dancing, gardening, and spending time with children in the family. If the senior wants to go out, it is also necessary to plan ahead the time of day when the senior is at their best and the place to visit.

Taking care of seniors with Alzheimer’s may be challenging but it’s not a burden. If you want our assistance, call a trusted provider of home care in Center Valley, PennsylvaniaLehigh Valley Home Care! We also offer home care in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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